9 Reasons Why People Can't Get Enough Of This New Shake

Here are the nine reasons why people are making the switch to this high-quality, nutrient-dense, organic shake...

1. More Than Just Protein

It's a blend of organic ingredients designed to get calories from high-quality food sources that results in a 280 calorie plant meal with 25g of plant-based protein, superfoods, greens, adaptogens, probiotics & more.

2. Packed With (Almost) Everything

It delivers a comprehensive array of 76+ plant-based superfoods, adaptogens proteins, fibers, vitamins, minerals, & more ensuring your body receives the essential nutrients it needs for optimal health.

3. Helps You Feel Full For Longer

Fed up with protein shakes that leave you hungry? Experience lasting energy throughout your day without the dreaded mid-afternoon slump, thanks to Plant Meal's balanced blend of ingredients.

4. Should Not Taste As Good As It Does

Don't let its nutrition profile fool you—there are a lot of healthy ingredients here, but they blend so well together that you may even question how something so good for you can taste so indulgent.

5. Certified Organic & Third-Party Lab Tested

Plant Meal is certified USDA Organic by QAI. Plus, Plant Meal's third-party testing involves analytical, microbial, and heavy metal assessments to confirm ingredient accuracy, eliminate contamination, and ensure safety and efficacy.

6. Easy, Convenient Meal Replacement

Say goodbye to meal prep stress and hello to convenience. Our meal shake is quick and easy to prepare, making it perfect for breakfast, post workout, or on-the-go. Just add to water, mix and enjoy!

7. Nutrient-Rich & Wallet-Friendly

Elevate your nutrition & eating habits with 25g of protein, 23 vitamins and minerals, probiotics & digestive enzymes. Get daily essentials in one shake without having to buy each ingredient like proteins and greens separately.

8. A Positive Impact On The Planet

For every bag of Plant Meal sold, one tree is planted on behalf of Sapling and their planting partners! Plant Meal is out into compostable bags to reduce our overall footprint. Sapling has a commitment to making the planet a little more green.

9. An Inclusive Love It Guarantee

The Plant Meal team is confident that you'll love it as much as they do. If, for any reason, you don't end up liking Plant Meal, they will provide a refund as part of their guarantee. The team developed and sampled 20 versions to perfect these delicious blends of Plant Meal.

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