Our Story

Our roots

After choosing a plant-based lifestyle, we noticed some nutritional gaps in a plant eaters diet, so we set out to find some much needed alternatives to help improve our overall health and wellness. To our surprise, there weren't many options. We established the sapling brand to bring these products to life. The products we create not only needed to live up to our standards of quality, but be designed in a way that is good for you and our planet.


To inspire a new way of living.

From the ground up

To us, sapling represents life, a new beginning, and a reminder that there is never-ending room to grow. Through our brand, our products, and our actions we hope to inspire a new way of living.

Why our products?

Good for you

Your health and wellness are at the core of our business. Our products are thoughtfully crafted with handpicked ingredients we want to take. Plus, they are always vegan.

Good for the planet

We want to positively impact the world. We choose to use sustainable ingredeints, plant trees, and remove twice as much plastic as our bottle contribute from the environment.

Peace of mind

We take the quality of our products seriously. All sapling products are third-party tested. We also test for heavy metal and microbial contaminations.

Let's get growing

We have a commitment to the world we live in, and for every product we sell a tree is planted and two bottles worth of plastic is removed from nature.

As we grow, we will continue to push the limits of sustainbaility within the products, ingredients, and packaging we choose.


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